About Us

Who We Are

Noetic International is a private company formed to address complex problems in the areas of energy, telecom, intelligence, and advanced technology. Our engineers, scientists and project managers deliver strong value chains created with our client's ideal outcome and a vision of both conceptual and tangible goals. 

Our practice delivers products and services including assessments, operations and finance to clients in the energy, telecom, space, cybersecurity and intelligence sectors. Other areas we are actively engaging in promoting advanced threat solutions for critical infrastructure and the use of artificial intelligence and robotics for monitoring subsea cabling and HAZMAT arenas. 

What we offer

A consortium of experienced leaders with cross-industry skills refined by a variety of joint, inter-agency and international assignments at the executive level. We think and create strategically and have a wide range of expertise and an innovative approach to solving the toughest challenges.

      What makes us different?

      What differentiates us from the others is our collaborative nature and desire to best prepare companies for the future, through introductions to new techniques and relationships.  Noetic International believes that once a project is complete, the relationship should continue to thrive. Our collective findings and the materials developed are the bridge that keeps us connected and engaged. New industry developments and innovations, as they arise from completed projects, will continue to be shared and offered to our clients, not as marketing tools, but as a means to continually inform, improve and include our clients as we learn and develop more agile solutions.

      I believe things cannot make themselves possible